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i-HTS at the Conference on The Regulation on Health Technology Assessment

With great interest internationalHealthTechScan is watching the acitivities on HTA regulation 

Wouldn't you feel better

  • when innovations are starting to be developed


  • when new tools are available to be used to estimate the future


  • what are the needs to show that the innovation is of added value

Network of Excellence.

Starting with a EU funded project in 1996, people with passion and visions developed methods, tools and structures to enable a network of excellence on a global level with respect to local decision makers.

The member driven network and scientific association.

collaboration in time with common methods and sharing knowledge

Capacity building

Share knowledge and strengthen skills by participating in courses and meetings.

Resources and networking

Join the network of highly motivated people who are developing tools and methods.

Needs in health services

From bottom to top.
As a team we act on needs collected in all health areas and levels to support developments.

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