From 1996 until today

Horizon scanning as a new idea in 1996 has got a professional scientific network with knowledge and capacity services around the world today.

Starting a new idea

The idea: Let's get aware of innovation approaching the health care sector.

The project: A working group of public agencies from Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Canada and Switzerland started to work together on identification of emerging and new healthcare technologies.

Who we are now

The network: Once started as a European idea. Get an impression of the current network.

The board: People from all parts of the world together in one network. Get in contact with our representatives.

The long way

from idea to a brand

Starting with an EU funded project idea in 1996.

Running a network of public agencies

The EuroScan network

Implementing Health impact assessment of upcoming technologies and implementing the database of new technologies at the horizon.

The added values of the project had been transfered into a permanent network hosted at the University of Birmingham in 1999.

A legal entity -
scientific association

Increasing requirements on regional, national and international level, increasing co-operation and increasing number of services required a sustainable legal entity.

Implementing the regional hubs to represent the developments and needs around the globe.

EuroScan as scientific association:
EuroScan international network e.V.

The network acquired legal status in 2017, becoming EuroScan International Network e. V., a not-for-profit scientific association registered in Germany connecting public agencies, scientific organisations and individuals across all continents. 

EuroScan has been and aims to remain the main global forum for sharing and developing of methods for early identification and pre-assessment of emerging, new, and obsolete health technologies.

the i-HTS family

And once again the global networking efforts are in need of improving the structure and implementing brands for different tasks

The family of EuroScan

i-HTS: the network of members around the world

i-HTScience: the structure to run projects

HInT: the scientific publication structure to improve the awareness of applied science in health technologies

Over the years EuroScan becomes more and more a worldwide network. To better reflect the increased global participation achieved so far EuroScan created a new brand name in 2020. international HealthTechScan (i-HTS).