Capacity Building.

As a global arena of excellence we are bringing people with common aims together.  We developing methods for efficient decision support on introduction and use of health technologies. By this we realize added value for daily workload. For scientists, decision makers, public and industry.  


We are a global network. Our members are located in all regions in the world. 

With our regional groups we are represented locally. See how we work.



Our work started as an idea. The idea of sharing information about innovative health technologies as early as possible.

To get those prepared who have to decide. Based on the best evidence available. 

Methods and Tools.

We collecting and sharing information on innovative technologies. It contains sharing and development of methods for the early identification and early assessment of health technologies. 

By this we support predicing the potential impact of innovation on health services and existing technologies.

Training and Education.

As a network of experts from different disciplines. 

By this we also able to share knowledge our knowledge and experiences on concepts and methods describing and assessing technologies.

With our partners we developing several training initiatives.