i-HTS is supporting better health

by co-operation, training, end health literacy 

Scientific development

i-HTS members and the network by itself is engaged in scientific projects to improve evidence generation and transparency of new technologies or the usage of technologies  in new indications

Training capacities

The awareness of methodologies, the knowledge on the implementation of agencies and the maintenance, the integration of common knowledge and the integration in local settings. Many things to know and to train.

organisational co-operation

Nothing can be done just by a single organisation. The complexity and the best available knowledge on processes and technologies had to be combined with different groups. By this we are happy to have formal co-operations with WorldHealthOrganisation (WHO), with Health Technology Assessment international, with the International Network of Agencies for HTA (INAHTA), with the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE)

evidence collection and presentation

Missing knowledge on a high level on a single technology is not only needed during the first assessment, but also during the usage as knowledge on appropriate usage and at the end o the life-cycle to prepare next generation and to disinvest to improve services.