Our People.

We are bringing experts together. We overcoming distances and different understandings. To get answers on questions that matters in efficient technology assessement. To support decision-making around the world. Based on the best evidence we are able to gain. These are some of these heads helping us to reach this goal. 

Iñaki Gutiérrez-Ibarluzea

Our President

Brendon Kearney

Our Vice-President

Hans-Peter Dauben

Our Secretary General

Izzuna Ghazali

Our Regional Group Coordinator AsiaScan

Juan Antonio Blasco

Our Scientific Director

Tacila Pires Mega

Our Regional Group Coordinator ScanAmericas

Debjani Mueller

Our Regional Group Coordinator AfroScan

Antonio Migliore

Our Registrar

Dawn Craig

Our Regional Group Coordinator EuroScan

Maximilian Otte

Our Head of Secretariat

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