As a member-driven network of excellence we started several projects and initiatives. Here an overview about some of these activities.

Scientific projects.

We are involved in different multinational and multiprofessional projects.

i-HTS InfoSystem.

We are offering evidence on new and emerging health technologies but also tools and knowledge around methods and concepts for gaining evidence. To get access to the i-HTS InfoSystem an organisational membership is needed.

i-HTS Learning platform
Webinars and LMS courses

We are offering online training courses for science but also business area to support building new capacitities.

Institute of Science.

We are offering capacities for planning, conduction and supporting scientific events as well as projects. We are creating and sharing new experiences and knowledge in co-operation with academic institutions, stakeholder networks and other institutions with impact on healthcare.

i-HTS HinT journal
the OpenAccess journal

We are publishing new knowledge and experiences in applied sciences around innovations and technologies.

i-HTS network
member collaboration area.

We are connecting people in science and society to align innovation development with systems requirements and societal needs.  

international HealthTechScan

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